ASBO MD & DC 66th Annual Fall Conference

    November 3, 2017

    Maritime Institute
    The Conference Center at the Maritime Institute
    692 Maritime Boulevard, Linthicum Heights, MD 21090-1952



     Leadership Lessons from the Kings of Chocolate

     How can chocolate help you get more out of your work and your life.
    Our Keynote Speaker, Denise Ryan will tell us.
    We'll also get to participate in a chocolate tasting as a demonstration on how to appreciate
    both chocolate, and life in general.
    More about our Keynote Speaker at



    Before You Sign That Contract
    A simplistic but humorous overview of what to look for before signing any contract, be comfortable in dealing with outside contractors as they can make you feel pressured by one sided contracts.
    Stephen Starmer, Purchasing Manager, Frederick County Public Schools
    Jamie Cannon, Chief of Staff and Legal Counsel, Frederick County Public Schools
    When It Comes To Health Benefits, Not All Proposals Are The Same. How To Ensure An "Apples to Apples" Comparison In The Evaluation Process.
    This session serves to educate consumers on the complexities of buying health benefits- particularly key areas to focus on when evaluating solicitation proposals in order to ensure the best financial outcome.
    Mary Penczek, CareFirst
    Bryan Mulford, CareFirst
    Reduce Cash To Reduce Theft
    It’s an unfortunate fact that school districts are an easy target for theft. Let us show you some startling statistics and how you can reduce theft within your division. If you think that your school division is immune from this, sit in on this session and we will show you where your cash is slipping away.
    Greg Fenning, Senior Account Manager, Data Business Systems
    Minding My Schools BusinessThe logistics of running all the core business functions of a school system is complex. It is easy to get distracted and overwhelmed in the process. However, if you are minding your school’s business you will be intentional in your planning and decision making. Quality tools within a quality management system can help you in this process and contribute to continuous improvement. A quality management system is a set of policies, processes, and procedures required for planning and execution in the core business area of an organization.
    Dr. Rhonda Rabbit, Dean, School of Education, Wilkes University
    The Collateral Damage Of Your Purchase
    This session will cover some of the unintended consequences of your purchase. Issues to consider before making purchases. How to minimize collateral damage associated with your purchase.
    Jacob Bobian, Warehouse Manager, Anne Arundel County Public Schools

    Staff Wellness Program 

    Jen Johnson, Healthiest Maryland Business

    Funding School Construction Projects At The State And Local Levels
    This session will provide a brief history of school construction funding in Maryland, review current state school construction funding practices including how the state/local funding share is calculated and explore how local governments fund school construction projects. The information provided by each of the panelists will serve to lead a vigorous discussion on this topic. This will be an opportunity to better understand the current state funding practices, new state funding policies under consideration and strategies that local governments use to fund school construction projects.”
    Beth Pasierb, AICP, Supervisor of Facilities Planning, Frederick County Public Schools
    Kim Spivey, Manager of Fiscal Services, Public School Construction Program
    Steve Brooks, Program Manager, Office of Finance & Admin, MD State Dept of Educ.
    Kelly Weaver, Assistant Budget Director, Frederick County Government
    (1 CPE)
    How To Get Along With Everyone Who Isn't You 
    Life would be so easy if everyone we interacted with was just like us. They would understand our cryptic e-mail messages, forgive our bizarre text messages, and understand why we unfriended them on Facebook. There would be no hard feelings, no conflict, and clearly, world peace. Unfortunately, no one else is exactly like you and to succeed in life and business, you have to work with the crazy, the angry, the silly, and yes, even the smarter and more articulate. This session will help you do just that. You will learn about barriers to communication and how to remove them.  You’ll take a communication styles quiz and find out just how different a large portion of the world really is and how to get along with them. There will be tips on technology and how to be more effective when using it to communicate. People won’t stop being crazy, but this session will help you stay sane.


     Denise Ryan

    Motivation By Chocolate 
    This session features two things everyone likes – chocolate and motivation!  It teaches nine key motivational concepts that will help you get more out of every day – both personally and professionally.  You’ll learn about persistence, passion, effective allocation of resources, the law of diminishing returns, and much more!  The session includes a chocolate tasting to demonstrate not only how to appreciate chocolate, but life itself.  Who could ask for more?

    Denise Ryan

    The EPEAT Registry: Easy Implementation, Big Environment, Sustainable Leadership 
    The purchase of EPEAT Registered electronic products is a cornerstone of sustainable purchasing programs across the Northeast region, nation, and the globe. Many jurisdictions are already purchasing EPEAT registered products, often without realizing they are doing so. In fact, every year, public jurisdictions purchase literally billions of dollars of sustainable EPEAT technology products such as PC’s monitors, laptops, notebooks, copiers, and televisions. The Green Electronics Council (GEC) , which is the steward of EPEAT Registry would like to highlight efforts that ASBO membership can easily take to demonstrate sustainability leadership, or help them take credit for significant positive impact they are already creating. The presentation will include an overview of GEC and the EPEAT Registry, contract focused tools that allow purchasers to easily solicit EPEAT registered products, use the EPEAT benefits calculator, and ways that ASBO membership can be publicly recognized when purchasing EPEAT Registered products.

    Jonathan Rifkin, MPA, CPPB, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Green Electronics Council

    Compliance, Control & Costs: The Three C's Of Workforce Management
    Labor regulations, budget restrictions, and a competitive recruiting market have made growth more challenging than ever. The right labor management tools should guide administrators with simplicity, speed, and flexibility. Join us to learn how automated labor controls should simultaneously help private, public, and charter schools ensure compliance with FLSA, FMLA, and ACA, while delivering business-critical information in real time.

     Mike Bowman, Regional Sales Manager, TimeClock Plus

    Are You Sitting On An Asset? Leveraging Public-Private Partnerships To Drive Revenue And Growth 
    This presentation will guide attendees as to how Public – Private Partnerships (P3) can help redirect operational and energy expenses into big ambitions. Progressive schools across the country are finding new funding opportunities through these innovative projects.
    Learn how forward-thinking leaders accomplish these goals:
    • Create more efficient infrastructure operations while unlocking revenue for reinvestment
    • Enhance the learning environment to increase instructional outcomes
    • Fund modernization and deferred maintenance projects without increasing taxes
    • Drive revenue and new growth opportunities to boost economic development in your community
    • Build a sustainable image to attract & retain staff and administration
    Emerging trends suggest more and more schools will use P3’s as a funding vehicle in the years to come. Get the information you need to achieve your next big ambition.
    Chris Dellinger



    The Association of School Business Officials, Maryland and the District of Columbia will be engaged with the General Assembly during the upcoming legislative session to monitor legislation and to work with the Maryland Association of Boards of Education (MABE) and the Pubic School Superintendents Association of Maryland (PSSAM) to promote the interests of public education and the business operations that support it.  The ASBO Board of Directors has adopted the following Legislative Positions formulated by MABE and adopted by MABE and supported by PSSAM. ASBO will be reporting to you throughout the 2017 legislative session on the ASBO website, so please visit it to keep abreast of the bills that could have a significant impact on your school system’s business operations.


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